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Производитель: Англия

Подберем любой цвет !

В плитке Milliken сочетаются уникальный дизайн, новейшие технологии и традиционно высокое английское качество.

130 Carpet Body Tiles
Location: Refer to Finishes Schedule
Preparation: According to the guidelines laid out in the Contract Flooring
Association’s «Guide to Contract Flooring».
Carpet Tiles: Manufacturer and reference Milliken “Crafted Series –
Modern Maker, Woven Colour — Tile”
Size: 500 x 500mm nominal to be die cut for consistent tolerance.
Colour: Refer to Finishes schedule
Pattern: Refer to Finishes schedule
Construction: Tufted Structured Loop Pile
Fibre: ECONYL Type 6 Nylon with 100% regenerated content Chosen
for soil hiding and resilience.
Backing: High-density, open-cell polyurethane foam. 90% recycled
Improved comfort, acoustics and wear performance.
Yarn: Spun yarn, heat set.
Pattern: Modern Maker, Woven Colour
Finished Dimensions: Module = 500 x 500mm
Pile Weight = 490 g/m2
Pile Height = 2.5mm
Tuft Density = 224,000 per m²
Total Thickness = 8.3 mm
Total Weight = 3800 g/m²

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